B2B Ecommerce

B2B E-Commerce

Cyberonics E Commerce is the perfect B2B E-Commerce solution specially built for Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers since it is feature-rich, in-depth and is pre-integrated with other applications of an organization’s choice.

Why Cyberonics B2B E-Commerce

Cyberonics Solutions offers B2B eCommerce solutions to facilitate the lucrative and flawless sale of goods and services between businesses. Our exclusive B2B eCommerce services deliver perfect solutions for all electronic commerce issues and ensure a steady increase in sales. Our modern and unique work approach makes us a top-notch B2B eCommerce company. Delivering highly customizable solutions to meet your unique business needs. Skilled team of designers to offer rich and intuitive user interface. SEO friendly designs for better search visibility. Expertise in third party integrations of accounting systems, CRM systems, ERP etc. Secure check-out processes and payment gateways. Experience in implementing localization features

How Is
B2B E-Commerce Changing Things?​

As millennials who grew up with B2C ecommerce market places become decision makers in the B2B landscape, the above trends will continue. What does it mean for the wider marketplace? Here’s what you can expect to see.

Frictionless payment processing

Getting from a product page to an order confirmation is getting easier.​

Mobile-first transactions​

By the end of next year, 75% of all ecommerce transactions will be done on a mobile device.​

Peerless customer support

B2B CS operations now regularly have built-in live chat functionality and in-app messaging; tools that handle a higher volume of customer contacts with better results.

Improved customer relationships

When customers place orders within B2B ecommerce systems, data is collected. That data can be leveraged to customize future buying experiences and enhance the customer experience.

B2B E-Commerce Software What Is It?

B2B ecommerce software is a suite of ecommerce tools that assists with all aspects of operating your B2B operation. Things like selling, tracking and analytics, customer relationship, fulfillment, invoicing, and payments.

Experience the Power of Connected Commerce - Without Limits

Cyberonics E Commerce is the perfect B2B E-Commerce solution specially built for Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers since it is feature-rich, in-depth and is pre-integrated with other applications of an organization’s choice.

Customize and expand your B2B functionalities with powerful commerce features.

Connect your backend applications with your webstore and scale your business.

Get an integrated experience right from the very beginning and never lose track of your data.

 Get seamless support from our experts along the way to drive your complex requirements.

Improve efficiency, minimize operational cost and empower innovation in your business.

Scale and Grow Faster with
Personalized Commerce Experiences

  • Set promotional pricing for specific stores, products and product categories, customer groups.
  • Generate flexible coupons codes for specific stores, customer segments, timespans, products, and categories and track coupon usage as well.
  • Reach out to a wider audience and increase visibility with SEO
  • Automatically generate a Google Sitemap
  • Create search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Automatically add structured data markup to product pages
  • Enable detailed search results
  • Customize the set of default themes to decrease go-to-market time.
  • Customize an inherited base theme to easily create site variations for countries, brands, and campaigns.
  • Offer customers access to a comprehensive dashboard to manage their accounts
  • Choose default billing and shipping addresses
  • Store unlimited addresses in the address book
  • Re-order from the customer account
  • See order status and history, recently ordered items and manage newsletter subscriptions
  • View submitted product reviews
  • Access downloadable or digital products
  • Create simple,configurable,bundled,and grouped products
  • Offer virtual products
  • Include downloadable or digital products with samples
  • Allow customer-personalized products
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Create new products through a guided interface
  • Define ultimated product attributes
  • Create pre-defined product templates to quickly set up products with specific attributes
  • Mass-assign a value to multiple products for batch updates
  • Automatically assign products to specific categories based on their attributes
  • Define minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the cart
  • Moderate reviews and product tags
  • Efficiently batch import and export product catalog information
  • Easily manage inventory with support for back ordered items
  • Receive notification when inventory needs to be replenished
  • Choose out-of-stock messaging and display options
  •  Integrate with multiple payment gateways
  • Get additional payment extensions
  • Securely pass credit card information directly from the client browser to the payment gateway
  • Standardized architecture for Payment Card Industry(PCI) Data Security Standard(DSS) compliance for ensuring a secure environment for storing, processing, and transmitting credit card information
  • Accept checks and money orders
  • Accept bank transfer, UPI payments and cash on delivery
  • Authorize-first and capture payment on credit cards upon shipment or checkout
  • Manage multiple country sites,all from the same store or environment
  • Support multiple currencies and corresponding tax rates
  • Multi-language support
  • Use accented characters and right-to-left text
  • Configure list of allowed countries for site registration, shipping, and billing
  • Support fixed product taxes, such as WEEE/DEEE in the EU
  • Automatically calculate tax for transactions in the EU with VAT-ID validation
  • Integration with global shipping carriers and shipping platforms
  • Leverage the UI and pattern library to enable faster and more consistent theme development
  • Use CSS pre-processing for easier site maintenance
  • Reduce front-end coding complexity with clear separation of the presentation layer and business logic
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and availability with 99.99% uptime and a high-availability architecture
  • Process transactions with confidence with an AWS PCI-certified cloud infrastructure
  • Accelerate your time to market with expert application and infrastructure support
  • Plan your roadmap and experiment new features in your staging environment, running in parallel to your production environment
  • Accelerate site performance with Content Delivery Network and Image Optimization
  • Automatically back up your code and databases for easy restoration
  • Easily enable and configure services like Radis and Elastic Search to enhance capabilities and performance
  • Technical support is available 24*7 b y phone or online to help diagnose and resolve core platform issue
  • Dedicated Technical Account Managers and Customer Success Manager available

Expand into the World of Mobile Commerce

  • Responsive App designed for Android and IOS devices
  • Efficient Product Grouping by categories and sub-categories
  • Detailed Order Section for sales Representatives and Contact Persons
  • Easy Access to Order List by B2B Customers
  • User-friendly setup takes just minutes to install and start placing orders
  • Seamless Admin Control for managing app configurations
  • Credit Limit View for users while placing orders
  • Quick access to customer’s transaction history through the app
  • Easy Navigation and Search options for quick product search
  • Curated Product Pages with detailed information about the products
  • Easy Order Placement with Shipping, Billing and Payment details
  • Sales Friendly Features for Sales Reps to showcase products efficiently

Mobile App Functionalities

  • Order History-View all your previous order details and their fulfillment status.
  • Order Confirmation-View individual order details with the order number, order total and delivery address.
  • Shipping Address-View all the Shipping Addresses that you have added in the application or add new addresses to the list.
  • Billing Address-View all the Billing Addresses that you have added in the application or add new addresses to the list.
  • Credit Limit-View your credit limit and always keep a check.
  • Cart Management-Manage the products available for purchase through the powerful cart management feature. View the order summary of the items available in your cart. You can perform the following operations in the Shopping Cart: Adjust Quantity, Delete Product, Update Cart, Place Order
Enrich your Customer Experience with a Dedicated
Self-Service Portal

Offer a smooth warranty management process and a robust self servicing platform. Warranty management is one of the most crucial tasks for B2B businesses. Cyberonics E Commerce Service Portal Module allows B2B merchants to offer a self service digital support channel to their users. This is a self-service warranty management platform that assists the users to have their products registered for warranty and to claim them for repairs.

  • Maintain serial numbers with warranty period
  • Maintain fixed and repair costs
  • Approve warranty-register reqeusts
  • Share repair cost after offline evaluation
  • Update status of the service request documents
  • Register warranty for a product
  • Check list of registered products
  • Check warranty at a later stage
  • Make online payment for the service order placed

Witness the Power of an Integrated and Automated B2B eCommerce Platform

Integrate an array of business applications and customize to suit any
B2B needs. With Cyberonics E Commerce, leverage the facilities of a
stable B2B eCommerce platform and experience seamless integration
between applications and business processes. Enable automated
solution offering, data management and business uniformity across all

B2B E-Commerce

Cyberonics E Commerce is the perfect B2B E-Commerce solution specially built for Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers since it is feature-rich, in-depth and is pre-integrated with other applications of an organization’s choice.