Customer Feedback System

A Customer Feedback Software helps you track and manage customer feedback from various channels of communication

What is
Customer Feedback Software?

A Customer Feedback Software helps you track and manage customer feedback from various channels of communication. Businesses use customer feedback software to gather, categorize, and analyze feedback from various sources, and improve their customer satisfaction and overall performance.


How to pick the
Right Customer Feedback Software?

When it comes to collecting feedback, each business has its own unique set of requirements. For instance, a delivery service provider would prefer to collect instant feedback right after the order has been delivered, and within their app itself. On the other hand, a B2B brand might send out a biannual or annual questionnaire to receive feedback from their clients as part of their quarterly or annual business reviews. So, it’s important to pick a tool that is compatible with your unique requirements.


The Customer Feedback Software that you choose must enable you to

Businesses today engage with their customers across different channels such as email, phone, website, chat, and social media. The insights that you gather through customer conversation is valuable regardless of the channel it comes from. So it’s important that the tool you pick allows you to send surveys and collect feedback across all channels that you use.

Splitting the feedback gathered based on the source of feedback, different customer segments or different products/services that you offer is an important step you need to complete before you analyze feedback and derive insights. An ideal customer feedback software will let you categorize feedback with the help of tags and filters.

Sometimes, certain pieces of feedback need to be shared with a teammate or even a colleague on another team. For instance, if a customer provides feedback about your product, you might want to rope in a product manager or developer. Or if a customer expresses interest in another product that you sell, you need to rope in the sales team.So, it’s important that the tool you use let’s you share feedback with someone else instantly.

Apart from enabling you to aggregate and manage feedback, a good customer feedback software will also allow you to respond to customer conversations or follow up with the customer effortlessly. It’s important to acknowledge the customer’s effort, and also answer
their questions or address any concerns they might have added in their feedback.


Keep track of product feedback

Capture product feedback from your customers and teammates in one organized place.

Analyze your product feedback

Use feedback data to understand feature impact and inform your product decisions.

Prioritize features & build your product roadmap

Prioritize projects and communicate what your team is working on with a product roadmap.

Announce product updates with Changelog

Announce product updates to engage people with your newest features.