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5 Steps To Finding The Right Career For You

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Do you ever stop to question whether or not you’re on the right career path?#careers#cyberonics solutions I know I have… I went through a radical career shift in my early 20s when I went from counterterrorism expert to career coach! It was difficult realizing that the career I had spent so long building and working towards wasn’t actually right for me, but actually finding my true path was so incredibly satisfying.

And I’m not alone in making that transition. About 75% of Americans have changed careers at least once, and about 33% are currently thinking about it. Finding your perfect career won’t happen overnight, and it may take time to really find the right trajectory for you. You might even be thinking, “How do I even know what the right career is?”

Luckily, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, or confused, don’t worry. Here are five steps you can take toward discovering the career that will truly satisfy you.

1. Take career assessments.

There are two elements to a career assessment.

  • It should be valid and reliableThe test should actually measure what it claims to measure, and you should get consistent results over multiple tries.
  • You should know how to use the results to your advantageIt’s one thing to have a list of potential careers. It’s another to use a career assessment as a starting point for insight and self-reflection. Remember, a career assessment isn’t a shortcut; it’s a tool. It’s up to you to use it.

2. Make a list of your options.


3. Look for overlap.


4. Network.


5. Ask a mentor.